Gordon Memorial Hospital
Be Kind Award

The Gordon Memorial Hospital Be Kind Award is a morality-based scholarship where eligible candidates are determined through a nomination process. Students cannot apply themselves but must be nominated by someone else. Community members such as teachers, coaches, employers, etc. are strongly encouraged to nominate a graduating senior that they believe exemplifies the core characters of the BE KIND Award. (Bright, Empathetic, Kind, Inclusive, Nurturing, Dependable)


To be eligible for this award, graduating high school seniors from Gordon-Rushville High School must be nominated by an individual of the community. The nominator must fill out the online application and write a letter on behalf of the student they nominate. The candidate must be graduating from Gordon-Rushville High School. The candidate must also be a citizen of the United States of America. Please Note: It is NOT a requirement that candidates be pursuing higher education.

Selection Criteria

  • Graduating Gordon-Rushville High School senior who exemplifies what it is to BE KIND. (Bright, Empathetic, Kind, Inclusive, Nurturing, Dependable)
  • The completed online application and nomination letter must be submitted to Gordon Memorial Hospital by April 30th. 


The BE KIND Award application process will conclude April 30th with award winners to being selected by May 15th. Awarded funds of $1,500 each will be distributed within 30 days of the winners being announced.


The Nomination Period is Closed

Thank you for visiting our BE KIND Award page. Winners will be announce in May 2024. Nominations will open back up in August 2024 for seniors graduating in 2025.