Endowed Named Funds

Want to create a lasting financial support for an organization?

Creating an Endowed Fund for Gordon Memorial Hospital Foundation offers donors an efficient way to support the Foundation's causes they most care about in perpetuity and with minimal set up and administration.

Endowed Funds may be established with an initial contribution of $25,000 or greater. This Fund is permanently endowed and each year a percentage (in accordance with the Foundation’s spend rate, or 5% on average) of the Fund's market value is used for grants that you recommend.

You can support more than one organization. With a Designated Endowed Fund, you can support one or more organizations in perpetuity. Recipient organizations benefit from a permanent source of income with minimal reporting or administration on their part. This is an excellent option for donors who have a special attachment or interest in nonprofit organizations that lack an endowment or managed investment portfolio.

Are you passionate about a certain field? You may also direct grants from your Fund to a designated area of interest, allowing your Fund to become a permanent source of support for a cause you are most passionate about.

We are privileged and happy to work with donors to establish, name and build an endowed fund; additional gifts may be added to an endowed fund at any time. The Foundation administers the endowed named funds, which are utilized to provide funding for the hospital in perpetuity.  

For information contact Kim South at ksouth@gordonmemorial.org.

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